"postfix-current" broken on amd64 platform

Sahil Tandon sahil+freebsd-ports at tandon.net
Tue Nov 15 02:39:22 UTC 2011

[ pav@ and those who tested mail/postifx-current on amd64 added to Cc: ]

On Mon, 2011-11-14 at 08:37:13 -0500, Jerry wrote:

> The "postfix-current" port is still marked as broken:
> .if ${ARCH} == "amd64"
> BROKEN=         fails during installation
> .endif
> Since all previous releases of Postfix worked on FreeBSD, and since
> Postfix is/was developed on FreeBSD, I was wondering what the problem
> is with this release. Is there a possibility that this phenomena might
> be rectified in the near future?

Thanks for your report, Jerry.  You are correct that FreeBSD is the main
development platform for Postfix.  It seems that pointyhat's amd64
machine throws an error during the install phase.  Pav noticed this and
marked the port BROKEN; however, neither I nor a few others I've
enlisted can reproduce the error.  Would you mind removing the
conditional that marks this port BROKEN, try to build/install in your
amd64 environment, and report the results? 

Pav, if nobody else can reproduce the error seen on pointyhat, can
portmgr look into whether there is something quirky with the amd64
pointyhat machine?

Sahil Tandon

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