Kernel Intel GPU driver and ports

Andriy Gapon avg at
Wed Jul 27 10:23:15 UTC 2011

on 23/07/2011 16:51 Koop Mast said the following:
> We ( freebsd x11@ team) are already working on a update, instructions
> below. 
> Keep in mind that this update isn't complete yet. Not all xorg ports are
> updated yet. And there is the issue, that the old intel driver doesn't
> work with the new xorg-server. If you using this driver and don't want
> to update to current for the new intel driver, please don't use this
> repo. 
> I'm currently working on a update for the mesa ports (libGL*, dri etc)
> to a version that works with the sandybridge.
> Also note that currently only the xf86-video-intel-kms driver is
> currently tested. (since my ati card seem to have died)
> svn co

svn co
here - thanks to all for the help.
BTW, information on needs to be
updated with the correct URL as well.

> A basic merge script can be found here
> just run portmaster -a, keep in mind to rebuild your xf86-* ports after
> the server update.

Something strange happened for me in x11/libX11 port.
I use amd64 CURRENT, r223759, about ~1 month old.
Here's an output of the second make run:

===>  Building for libX11-1.4.3,1
Making all in include
Making all in modules
Making all in im
Making all in ximcp
Making all in lc
Making all in Utf8
Making all in def
Making all in gen
Making all in xlocale
Making all in om
Making all in generic
Making all in src
cd util && make
../src/util/makekeys /usr/local/include/X11/keysymdef.h
/usr/local/include/X11/XF86keysym.h /usr/local/include/X11/Sunkeysym.h
/usr/local/include/X11/DECkeysym.h /usr/local/include/X11/HPkeysym.h > ks_tables_h
mv ks_tables_h ks_tables.h
make  all-recursive
Making all in util
Making all in xcms
Making all in xlibi18n
Making all in xkb
cd util && make
  CC     KeysymStr.lo
  CC     StrKeysym.lo
Making all in nls
make: don't know how to make Compose/index.html. Stop
*** Error code 1

Stop in /usr/obj/usr/ports/x11/libX11/work/libX11-1.4.3.
*** Error code 1

If I add USE_GMAKE to the port's Makefile then everything builds fine.
Not sure if this is a general problem with FreeBSD make, or only on CURRENT or
something local to my environment.
Can you please double-check if this port builds OK for you?

Andriy Gapon

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