Time to mark portupgrade deprecated?

Tilman Keskinöz arved at FreeBSD.org
Mon Jul 25 07:33:15 UTC 2011

On 07/25/2011 04:20 AM, Eitan Adler wrote:
> At this point noone is maintaining portupgrade any more and a large
> number of PRs have been filed against it (see
> http://www.freebsd.org/cgi/query-pr-summary.cgi?text=portupgrade). No
> one has stepped up to do the work to fix these bugs so it is time to
> officially drop it.

Despite the fact that there are many PRs about it, it still works for
most users i guess.

I am ok with switching the documentation to portmaster, but i am against
marking it DEPRECATED. I have been using portupdate for 10 years and it
works for all my usecases.

Switching to portmaster means i have to learn new -options and new error
messages. Unless there is a killer feature in portmaster i don't see a
reason to switch.

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