Is anders@ still active as maintainer?

Stephen Montgomery-Smith stephen at
Fri Jul 1 15:55:55 UTC 2011

Barbara wrote:
> On March, four months ago, after a python upgrade, I sent a pr about
> multimedia/libkate (pr=155280) because the dependency of the port from python
> was missing.
> I tried repeatedly to contact the maintainer asking about the pr without luck.
> Without considering the fact that, looking at Makefile in cvsweb, it seems
> that he just did the first commit in 2008 and that there is a new version of
> libkate since 2010-08-10!

According to this web page:

it seems to me that you now have the right to have your changes 
committed without the maintainer's approval.

> So I also proposed to add a knob to *optionally disable* libkate in
> audio/vorbis-tools - using an option yet offered in vorbis-tools configure-
> which is the only port depending on libkate together with
> multimedia/ffmpeg2theora (which has been last touched by anders on 2008-08-04).
> The pr has been closed stating the if there is a problem with libkate it
> should be fixed, and I can mostly agree with that, but:
> - it seems that no one has tried to fixed it
> - in any case, one may want to have vorbis-tools and not necessarily libkate,
> which seems unmantained

Which PR was this?

I understand your frustration because I have been through similar 
experiences.  But recently I have been added as a committer.  Since I 
empathize with you, I'll look into this and see what can be done.


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