FreeBSD Port: isc-dhcp41-server-4.1.2,1; Concurrent IPv4 DHCP and DHCPv6

Doug Barton dougb at
Fri Jan 7 00:49:39 UTC 2011

On 01/05/2011 01:14, Douglas Thrift wrote:
> Hello,
> Since ISC dhcpd 4.1 now supports DHCPv6, but a single instance of the
> daemon can't do both IPv4 DHCP and DHCPv6, it would be nice if the rc.d
> script from the port could be configured to start the daemon twice. Has
> anyone thought about this at all or implemented anything?

I really dislike this trend that we're seeing of individual rc.d scripts 
supporting running multiple versions of the same daemon, but I haven't 
yet found the time to write it up for TPH. The canonical way to do this 
is for the rc.d script to have multiple copies of itself, and then do 
something like:


For this example you could have the port install rc.d/dhcpd by default 
(or whatever the name is, not suggesting a change), and an option to 
also install dhcpd_v6 (perhaps as a symlink). This would make it easy to 
clean up as the additional copy of the script should also be in the plist.

The other reason I haven't squawked more about this is that for services 
that would like to be able to run an arbitrary number of the same daemon 
the servicename_N_{flags|pidfile|etc} method works, and eliminates the 
problem of leaving behind multiple numbers of the script after port 
deinstall. But for something like this where we're discussing a fixed 
(and small) number of copies it's better to have this done the "right" way.




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