ports count milestone according to FreshPorts

Ruslan Mahmatkhanov cvs-src at yandex.ru
Wed Dec 21 15:08:17 UTC 2011

Mark Linimon wrote on 21.12.2011 18:55:
> According to http://www.freshports.org/ we have crossed the 23,000 port
> barrier (currently 23,031).  If I read this correctly the commit that
> put us over the top was the addition of devel/py-Products.CMFActionIcons.
Is there any prizes like cellular ops do when they got their 1000000
mobile subscriber connected? :)

> I appreciate all the hard work folks put into the Ports Collection.  Now
> I'll go back to trying to make sure we have a way to build them all :-)
> mcl


Tinderboxing kills... the drives.

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