A maintainers question: how to create a user?

Chris Rees crees at freebsd.org
Fri Dec 16 17:56:34 UTC 2011

On 16 December 2011 15:27, Paul Schmehl <pschmehl_lists at tx.rr.com> wrote:
> --On December 15, 2011 7:16:09 PM -0500 Aryeh Friedman
> <aryeh.friedman at gmail.com> wrote:
>> See subject for the main question... the details: I am the maintainer of
>> devel/aegis and the final installation step typically (linux RPM's for
>> example) is to create a user to hold the baselines (in svn/cvs/csup speak
>> the project's repo) of the varioous projects managed by aegis...
>> customerly this is MUST be a non-logginable (you MUST [requirements
>> document meaning of upper case MUST/SHOULD/MAY {NOT}) but allow for su
>> from either root or via sudo a member of "wheel")... it is a standard
>> account in all other respects for example I typically set it to tcsh but
>> the port might want to make that an make time option... what is the best
>> way of setting this all up (both the no options and the options based
>> versions)
> Look at USERS and GROUPS in /usr/ports/Mk/bsd.port.mk

It is possible to have aegis automatically added to wheel, but
personally I'd prefer that a message were printed to suggest that
rather than automate it....  Others may disagree!


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