FreeBSD Port: xapian-core-1.0.22,1

Doug Penner darwinsurvivor at
Sat Dec 10 09:11:23 UTC 2011

I noticed that xapian was held back to 1.0 while waiting for either 
dependant port maintainers to update to the newer version, or for a second 
copy of xapian to be added to ports.

The last activity on the bug tracker seems to be from just over a year 
ago. Has there been any progress on getting xapian updated?

I ask because I am trying to get notmuch ( going as a 
port. So far notmuch compiles, runs and functions just fine, but xapian 
1.2 is said to be MUCH faster than 1.0, so I was hoping that you (being 
the maintainer) would be able to green-light the update. That is of course 
assuming the blocking packages/etc have been resolved.

Thank You
~Doug Penner
A.K.A. DarwinSurvivor

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