feature request for portmaster: check for permissions on --check-depends and friends

Alberto Villa avilla at freebsd.org
Mon Apr 26 21:13:59 UTC 2010

On Monday 26 April 2010 21:50:39 Doug Barton wrote:
> > ...the "-n" flag would be more appropriate.
> It only applies to builds/upgrades.

and my suggestion would have been: "extend it to other parts of the program" 
(i wrote a portmaster/tinderbox like script on freefall which uses "-n" to 
simulate anything, and it's nice)
but this was just in theory, personally i would do nothing

> > what if i, as a regular
> > user, have write access to /var/db/(ports|pkg)?
> That would be silly. :)

definitely, but ain't we all a bit silly? ;)
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