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Mon Apr 26 11:06:06 UTC 2010

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The following is a listing of current problems submitted by FreeBSD users.
These represent problem reports covering all versions including
experimental development code and obsolete releases.

S Tracker      Resp.      Description
o ports/146060            new port: devel/p5-Pid-Quick  "Associates a PID file w
o ports/146059            [MAINTAINER] [PATCH] ftp/bareftp Update to 0.3.2, unbr
o ports/146057            new port: sysutils/rubygem-sys-cpu  "Interface for get
o ports/146052            [PATCH] databases/rrdtool: update to 1.4.3
o ports/146049            [patch] make python31 build on powerpc
o ports/146045            [UPDATE] devel/ioncube 3.3.12_2 - php 5.3 support
o ports/146043            [patch] make dyncall build on powerpc
o ports/146038            make.conf variable WITH_OPENSSL_BASE is useless
f ports/146036            It is impossible to reinstall net/freeradius 1.1.8 fro
o ports/146022            [security] tomcat information disclosure
f ports/146002            mail/fetchmail is unable to access to a pop server usi
o ports/145989            audio/qjackctl - jackd does not start from not root us
o ports/145988            www/mod_auth_cookie_mysql2 doesn't compile
o ports/145985            [PATCH] www/lighttpd: add optional extra-patch for TCP
f ports/145984            [PATCH] ports-mgmt/portmaster: Fix abort with --index 
o ports/145966            port devel/pwlib fails to build: cast error: patch att
o ports/145958            Patch to enable compilation of comms/hcfmdm on FreeBSD
o ports/145945            [NEW PORT] www/encode-explorer: A PHP script to browse
o ports/145939            [PATCH] update science/gramps to 3.2.0
o ports/145931            net-mgmt/zabbix-server: Problem with installed net-snm
o ports/145927            editors/komodo-edit 5.2.4 fails to install properly
o ports/145924            [PATCH] net/rtg: add startup script, and optimise data
o ports/145922            finances/php-tclink breaks with PHP 5.3 under amd64
o ports/145914            New Port: sysutils/squashfs-tools Set of tools to mani
o ports/145900            emulator/vice x64, x128, seg faults.
o ports/145896            security/ossec-hids-client: "make package" fails "tar:
o ports/145889            Set IA32_BINARY_PORT in audio/linux-genpuid
s ports/145858            [request] add sysutils/xfce4-diskperf-plugin to ports
o ports/145836            [PATCH] x11-fonts/wqy-fonts: only build depend on perl
o ports/145833            [maintainer-update] www/php-plurk-api update to 1.5.0
o ports/145831            [maintainer update][patch]Update port: www/ziproxy to 
f ports/145769            final link of mail/fetchmail fails undefin
f ports/145753            databases/mantis: failure in creating tables with Post
o ports/145751            net/trafshow fails to compile
f ports/145726            Update: x11/xlockmore to 5.30
f ports/145720            [PATCH] multimedia/vlc: plist incorrect WITHOUT_QT4
f ports/145697            sysutils/bacula-client: bacula-client-5.0.0 does not c
o ports/145681            [patch] x11/evilvte version upgrade 0.4.6
f ports/145680            [patch] x11-wm/scrotwm version upgrade
o ports/145668            net-mgmt/nagios-plugins ping6 broken
f ports/145667            UPDATE: devel/bzr-gtk
o ports/145661            [patch] audio/xmms2 : compilation error when configure
o ports/145652            new ports: GIMP Help collection[2/3][3/3] misc/gimp-he
o ports/145650            change-request: graphics/gimp-help | GIMP Help collect
o ports/145646            [patch] fix www/moinmoin: incompatible shebang in moin
o ports/145642            sysutils/bacula-client: bacula-client-5.0.0 does not c
o ports/145636            compile error and patch for multimedia/mplayer
o ports/145629            lang/php5-5.3.2 : information in /usr/ports/UPDATING m
o ports/145596            [MAINTAINER] www/commonist: update to 0.3.43, fix logi
o ports/145595            [patch] www/uzbl fix calling of (optional) python scri
o ports/145577            x11-wm/fvwm-crystal: Added a patch to avoid a problem 
o ports/145512            Update port math/libranlib to version 1.3
o ports/145449            [NEW PORT]: net-mgmt/mk-livestatus - Mathias Kettner's
o ports/145381            repo copy games/tuxracer games/etuxracer
o ports/145303            new port: security/p5-Crypt-T_e_a
o ports/145302            New port: security/pam_jail A PAM module dropping user
f ports/145288            editors/cle make fails
o ports/145245            devel/libslang is still referenced by some other ports
o ports/145239            net-mgmt/collectd update to new version
o ports/145221            ports/audacity-devel fails to compile
o ports/145220            graphics/aalib: Fixed syntax waring in aalib.m4
o ports/145107            [patch] net/csync2 improvements
f ports/145094            [patch][repocopy] audio/linux-nerodigitalaudio: update
o ports/145076            I could not build devel/pwlib
o ports/145050            Update ports emulator/sdlmame : Update to v0.137 and r
o ports/145017            New port: databases/dm-validations.
o ports/145015            net-im/prosody rc.d script doesn't stop the server whe
o ports/145002            databases/postgresql-client : libpgport.a is missing a
o ports/144993            databases/postgresql-odbc: contents of numeric fields 
o ports/144989            irc/inspircd will not compile if gnutls module is sele
o ports/144988            [NEW PORT] net/monast: A monitoring and an operator pa
o ports/144964            [patch] x11-wm/echinus out-of-date
o ports/144910            [new port] java/hgeclipse Mercurial VCS plugin for the
o ports/144904            [PATCH] www/free-sa-devel: update to 2.0.0b3
o ports/144878            www/tomcat55 uid is hardcoded to 80
f ports/144857            [patch] audio/abraca: update to 0.4.3
o ports/144850            [PATCH] databases/rrdtool: fix 'make deinstall' when N
o ports/144849            [new port] java/eclipse-eclemma code coverage for ecli
f ports/144833            print/hplip3: configure failed
f ports/144832            [PATCH] net-mgmt/bsnmp-regex - Add option to use PCRE 
o ports/144831            [UPDATE] net-mgmt/mbrowse to 0.4.0
o ports/144812            sysutils/lsof: lsof-4.84A,5 does not compile on FreeBS
o ports/144801            a problem of authorizing of ldap in net/freeradius2
f ports/144782            [PATCH] science/hdf5: update to 1.8.4
o ports/144774            mail/vm does not set up autoloads properly
o ports/144768            new port: editors/fet - FET is free timetabling softwa
o ports/144766            [patch] emulators/mupen64-rice fix build with gcc42
f ports/144745            [patch] print/hplip3: update to 3.10.2
f ports/144733            unbreak biology/dotter
o ports/144728            Please repo copy lang/squeak to lang/squeak-dev
f ports/144673            [PATCH] graphics/libmng: fit OPTIONS format, remove co
o ports/144624            New port: x11-fonts/isabella, Font by John Stracke bas
f ports/144617            [PATCH] net-mgmt/docsis: Fix build on systems where GC
f ports/144597            security/openssh-portable fails to compile with KERBER
f ports/144559            sysutils/eventlog patch to support FreeBSD-specific lo
o ports/144555            graphics/mesagl: glutMainLoop() crashes when using VBO
f ports/144523            Update port games/childsplay_plugins to 0.90
f ports/144522            Update port games/childsplay to 0.90.2
f ports/144510            [PORTS PATCH] sysutils/jfbterm
f ports/144412            Update port: mail/tkrat2 (Use latest tcl/tk versions)
o ports/144264            installing misc/compat5x (or other compats) is broken 
f ports/144247            security/pam_pwdfile: in openpam_load_module(): no /us
o ports/144200            net-mgmt/net-snmp: Empty hrStorageTable in snmpd when 
f ports/144068            [PATCH] Update ports/mail/dbmail to version 2.2.15
f ports/144066            Upgrade net/asterisk16-addons to
o ports/144063            java/openjdk6 compilation failure
f ports/144059            shells/scponly: patch
o ports/144036            audio/lmms: compile error in core/JournalingObject.cpp
o ports/143989            new port: multimedia/sms1xxx-kmod
f ports/143951            [PATCH] Add support for Xft fonts to x11/dmenu
o ports/143938            [NEW PORTS] Linux versions of IBus (Intelligent Input 
o ports/143925            devel/urjtag: FreeBSD port of UrJTAG depends on obsole
o ports/143878            Fix for port cad/salome (incorrect use of bsd.autotool
o ports/143742            [PATCH] math/units Update to 1.87
f ports/143680            Port fix: sysutils/k3b - re-enable libdvdcss
o ports/143661            [patch] Fail to install www/rubygem-passenger when usi
o ports/143580            [PATCH] audio/libmtp: update to 1.0.1
o ports/143566            sysutils/diskcheckd runs constantly when using gmirror
o ports/143423            sysutils/be_agent: be_agent  > /usr and /var ara empty
f ports/143412            [patch] net-mgmt/cricket doesn't work on amd64
f ports/143410            [PATCH] net-mgmt/netams: update to 3.4.5
o ports/143344            [PATCH] sysutils/dtc: unbreak port
o ports/143276            print/hyperlatex 2.9 is not compatible with emacs 23.1
o ports/143200            port graphics/sane-backends (snapscan) doesn't like ne
o ports/143195            [PATCH] net-p2p/javadc: use $SUB_FILES to adjust wrapp
o ports/143130            [PATCH] Update emacs-devel to 23.1.91 and fix utmp.h b
s ports/143024            [PATCH] sysutils/puppet: add possobility to rc script 
f ports/142996            print/hplip - HP LaserJet 2300L exists in models.dat, 
f ports/142891            sysutils/bsdsar: netstat output in 8.x breaks bsdsar
o ports/142845            [PATCH] net-mgmt/argus3 and net-mgmt/argus3-clients up
o ports/142790            databases/unixODBC: segmentation fault on isql -b
o ports/142744            new port: x11/keyboardcast Broadcast keystrokes to mul
o ports/142709            [PATCH] lang/gnat-doc-html: use $SUB_FILES to dynamica
o ports/142504            new port: net/gnu-dico - dict protocol server
o ports/142410            [PATCH] devel/icu fix compile with newer gcc from port
o ports/142399            new port: mail/policyd-spf-fs, SPF policy daemon for P
o ports/142275            [patch] sysutils/anacron should have better configurat
o ports/142192            net-mgmt/net-snmp: memCached incorrect
o ports/142093            [patch] audio/libmtp: Add device ID for Canon SX20IS
o ports/142086            new port: databases/lib_mysqludf_xql, provides SQLXML 
f ports/142035            editors/emacs compulsory dependencies too wide
o ports/141790            [new port] net-im/zephyr : enterprise-class IM system
f ports/141775            x11/slim doesn't adhere keymap configuration
o ports/141473            irc/kvirc-devel fails to start, missing library
a ports/141440            [patch] add amd64 support for lang/gprolog
f ports/141406            net-p2p/p5-Net-BitTorrent-File fails to parse .torrent
f ports/141356            net-mgmt/netams 3.4.3 does not build on FreeBSD 8.0 am
f ports/141341            Cannot install ports/net-im/libmsn
a ports/141238            net-mgmt/net-snmp -  net-mgmt/php[45]-snmp -- configur
s ports/141140            [PATCH] www/p5-Mojo: update to 0.999913, take maintain
f ports/141103            net/stone strange behavior on 8.0-RELEASE
f ports/141022            New Port: astro/traveling_salesman
f ports/141001            net/ssltunnel-server/ depends on /sbin/pppd
o ports/140925            print/hplip3: patch to improve behaviour of hp-check
f ports/140867            net-mgmt/nagios-plugins: check_icmp default packets si
f ports/140829            www/tomcat55 rc.d script is broken and will not stop t
f ports/140731            emulators/hatari does not build if emulators/rtc is in
o ports/140557            ports shells/44bsd-csh ESC file completion and ^D (vie
f ports/140546            The execution result of sysutils/scprotect is inapposi
f ports/140471            security/nessus-libnasl fails to compile
f ports/140470            security/nessus-libraries fails to compile
o ports/140450            shells/scponly: chrooted scp-shell doesn't work
f ports/140303            net-mgmt/docsis can not compile filters under amd64 pl
o ports/140232            Resolve conflicts w/ devel/antlr & devel/pccts
f ports/139867            mail/isoqlog catch segmentation fault under AMD64
f ports/139452            [patch] krb5 support in java/openjdk6
o ports/139435            print/cups-smb-backend: Add ability to use difference 
f ports/139203            sysutils/freebsd-snapshot more careful patch not depen
f ports/139107            [patch] sysutils/jfbterm: convert to bsdmake
f ports/139042            deskutils/blogtk: fails to start as the version in the
f ports/138990            sysutils/nagios-statd reports /dev full
o ports/138830            net/linux-nx-client TCP_NODELAY problem
o ports/138806            New port: games/avp-demo ("Aliens versus predator" dem
f ports/138602            audio/sphinxbase port update
f ports/138476            [panic] sysutils/fusefs-kmod: Almost regular panic dur
o ports/138438            graphics/sane-backends not working on FreeBSD-8
o ports/138348            patch to java/openjdk6 so that build works again
o ports/138080            devel/gccxml fails to compile on powerpc
o ports/137541            lang/sml-mode.el: port for Emacs mode for SML needs up
o ports/137378            Advisory locks fail with ports/security/cfs on FreeBSD
o ports/137244            [x11-toolkits/plib] add support for linux-js
f ports/136984            textproc/xerces-2 port no longer needs gcc_pic patch i
f ports/136611            security/swatch: leaves zombies behind
f ports/136439            [misc/cmatrix] install console font
f ports/136108            new port: www/webistrano, web frontend to capistrano
o ports/135541            [PATCH] math/p5-NetCDF cannot load module with netcdf-
o ports/134593            [repocopy]: net-mgmt/net-snmp -> net-mgmt/net-snmp55
s ports/134485            net-mgmt/trafd doesn't collect traffic
f ports/134414            graphics/mesa-demos does not build on FreeBSD-7.2 i386
f ports/134264            audio/cmus - segmentation fault with ogg files
s ports/134112            [MAINTAINER] net/asterisk16-addons: update to
o ports/133829            Wrong plist generated if nonstandard MANPREFIX and PRE
a ports/133773            net/keepalived port update request
f ports/133758            new net-mgmt/net-snmp does not count inactive memory a
o ports/133563            security/cfs rc script needs "mntudp" option on 8-CURR
o ports/132786            New port: sysutils/sispmctl Utility for controlling a 
s ports/131218            www/privoxy+ipv6: /etc/rc: WARNING: run_rc_command: ca
o ports/129579            Consider upgrading korean/baekmukfonts-{bdf,ttf} to 2.
o ports/128952            [NEW PORT] java/javadb: Sun's supported distribution o
o ports/128250            net-mgmt/net-snmp: pf (packet filter) support
o ports/127321            japanese/kon2-16dot: buffer overflow and mouse bugs
o ports/127262            databases/firebird20-server: fbclient crashes php engi
o ports/127181            audio/musicpd logs warning
s ports/127087            mail/bincimap port does not include an rc.d file
o ports/127017            sysutils/ntfsprogs - ntfsclone not working version 2.0
s ports/125324            editors/the (3.2) looses cursor when compiled with PDC
s ports/124404            net/pathchar coredumps
o ports/117921            New port: multimedia/feng Feng is a multimedia streami
s ports/117299            [new ports] www/webobjects(+) Apple WebObjects ports b
o ports/114611            [NEW PORT] net-p2p/freenet05: An anonymous censorship-
o ports/111501            [NEW PORT] databases/ruby-oci8
o ports/108033            net/nss_ldap: ls(1) coredumps when nss/ldap is misconf
o amd64/104311            ports/wine should be installable on amd64
o ports/101166            bittorrent-curses only works under English locales.

214 problems total.

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