How to port something requiring different versions depending on OSVERSION?

Darren Pilgrim freebsd at
Sun Apr 25 23:51:08 UTC 2010

I maintain the sysutils/3dm port.  The port installs a binary-only 
package provided by 3ware (now LSI).  The binary provided is a 5.4-R, 
static-linked binary which requires KSE.  Because it's static-linked, 
there is no legacy KSE support workaround.

Yes, LSI is aware of the problem.
No, they haven't fixed it yet (they don't officially support 8.0).
No, I can't get source.
Yes, the port is currently marked BROKEN for RELENG_8 and later.

Here's my dilemna:

If I install the latest version of 3dm2, the port won't run on RELENG_8 
and later.  If I install v2.01.09.004 (the last version that doesn't 
require KSE), the port will run on all versions of FreeBSD but lack 
proper support for current-model cards--the 9690 and 9750 series.

Option 1:

Detect the OS version, install the latest version if running <8.x and 
install if >=8.x.  I can't find anything in the Porter's 
Handbook that explicitly says NOT to do this.  Wesley Shields (wxs) says 
this "seems like a bad idea" without further qualification.  The only 
thing I could think of is the automated ports QA and packaging; however, 
those are moot because LSI requires pre-download agreement to a license 
which prohibits redistribution.

Option 2:

A regular 3dm2 port marked BROKEN for >=8.0 that follows the latest 
version and a 3dm2-legacy port kept at v2.01.09.004.  When LSI manages 
to rework whatever it is 3ware decided requires KSE, I'll unBROKEN 3dm2 
and retire 3dm2-legacy.  That seems like lot of work for what will 
(hopefully) be a short-lived workaround just to avoid the first option. 
  It also creates two ports for the same piece of software--a solution 
that seems inelegant.

So, which approach should I take?  I'm fine with option 2 if someone 
explains why option 1 is a bad idea.  If I get no response, I'll do 
option 1.

For those of you with excellent memories, yes, this was mentioned before 
(the prior thread's subject is "Installing a different PORTVERSION based 

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