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Luca Pizzamiglio l.pizzamiglio at
Thu Apr 22 10:54:58 UTC 2010

Hi Denny,

your trick works! Thanks, but I think is not the best solution for all 
cases... If there are more conflicting ports, disabling the check is not 
a good idea...

Best regards


On 04/22/2010 12:10, Denny Lin wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 22, 2010 at 11:36:17AM +0200, Luca Pizzamiglio wrote:
>> Hallo Andrea,
>> I've had the same problem using portupgrade and no clean solution found.
>> This is the dirty trick I've used:
>> pkg_delete -f libgmp4\*
>> portupgrade -N math/gmp
>> BTW, portupgrade with -o doesn't work because now the conflicts is
>> checked "before" the building process and gmp building fails..
> See if this works:
> # env DISABLE_CONFLICTS=1 portmaster -o math/gmp math/libgmp4

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