OpenSSL with ZLIB support?

Mihai Militaru mihai.militaru at
Thu Apr 15 14:25:16 UTC 2010


I'm building an application (custom Makefile, not a port or something) which requires openssl with zlib compression - it uses the zlib BIO for compressing and encrypting files locally. The problem is:
- If I use openssl from base, zlib support is not built-in. The application fails to link following a missing reference to BIO_zlib.
- If I use openssl from ports, the application builds fine, on the other hand I get "connection refused" when a client tries to connect to this server.

So, the solution would be either to be able to build the base system with OpenSSL using zlib, or find out how could I solve the "connection refused problem", I have no idea why that happens and can't find information about this exact problem. Any ideas?


Mihai Militaru <mihai.militaru at>

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