php 5.3 (cant compile php5-mbstring since upgrade)

Alex Dupre ale at
Wed Apr 14 06:11:10 UTC 2010

Mike Jakubik ha scritto:
> I've updated my php to 5.3 as instructed in the UPDATING file, however i
> can not compile php5-mbstrings, it cant find pcre headers (this is
> supposedly in the base dist now, so i deleted the old php5-pcre port it
> as instructed).

Please, if you don't follow the UPDATING file (or if you follow in the 
reverse order), don't say you have followed it :-)

If you have problems with pcre headers, it means you have updated php5 
and then removed php5-pcre. To fix it, simply rebuild php5 again and 

Alex Dupre

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