CFT: print/pdftk port compiled with Java compiler from gcc 4.5

Greg Larkin glarkin at
Fri Apr 9 01:55:00 UTC 2010

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Hi everyone,

I maintain the print/pdftk port, and lately it's been getting harder to
support compiling it with gcj42 from the lang/gcc42 port.  If lang/gcc45
is also installed on the machine, then gcj42 uses the wrong binutils and
hilarity ensues.

It's been on my task list to enable gcj45 in the lang/gcc45 port and get
pdftk compiled with it.  I have an experimental patchset that does just
that, and I was hoping some folks might test it on various OS versions
and architectures.  In the mean time, I'll run through the various
tinderbox builds that I have available.

You can find the patches here:

Fetch each patch file into /usr/ports and then run:

patch < gcc45+gcj.diff
patch < pdftk+gcc45.diff
cd print/pdftk && make install clean

If all goes well, you will be left with a working pdftk executable,
successfully compiled with gcj45.  If you run into any problems, please
let me know and include the output of "uname -a" and the output from the
make process.

Thank you,
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