FreeBSD Ports: www/nginx and www/rubygem-passenger

Brad Rushworth brushworth at
Thu Apr 1 02:23:14 UTC 2010


I just wanted to report that:

www/rubygem-passenger is version 2.2.9

www/nginx 0.7.65 with PASSENGER_MODULE=on has passenger at 2.2.11

When I installed both they worked together, but I didn't think it was 
safe to run them together. The server headers showed X-Powered-By: as 
2.2.9 whereas the Server: was 2.2.11.

The problem seems to be that the www/nginx doesn't install passenger 
like I'm guessing it should? I didn't think I would have to install 
www/rubygem-passenger as well? But maybe I'm wrong.

For some reason, I couldn't install by using:
gem install passenger
It would just sit idle for ages.

Anyway, I tweaked the www/rubygem-passenger port to 2.2.11 and installed 
it that way.

It all seems to be working now.

Could the maintainer update www/rubygem-passenger to 2.2.11?



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