FreeBSD Port: gcc-4.3.4_20090517 - different LOCALBASE

David P. Discher dpd at
Tue May 19 22:20:40 UTC 2009

So ... I'm trying to do complete source builds of gnome2, kde4, and  
xorg, with a redefined LOCALBASE = /home/opt

 > grep opt /etc/make.conf


However, need the end, the lang/gcc43 build fails, with missing  
iconv.h.  I've saw in the check in logs, back a few years that  
configure for gcc had some issues finding iconv.h when it was in a  
difference LOCALBASE.  So adding the following to the lang/gcc43/ 
Makefile fixed the issue:

	CFLAGS+=        -I${LOCALBASE}/include -L${LOCALBASE}/lib
	CPPFLAGS+=      -I${LOCALBASE}/include -L${LOCALBASE}/lib
	CXXFLAGS+=      -I${LOCALBASE}/include -L${LOCALBASE}/lib

Probably over kill, but was getting feed up on the build failing.

This isn't likely the correct fix, but wondering what the correct fix  
is, and if the port can be fixed ?

Thanks !

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