perl & apache circular dependency

Philip M. Gollucci pgollucci at
Sat May 16 21:52:07 UTC 2009

Mark D. Foster wrote:
> Never mind - PEBKAC - I broke a rule and put USE_APACHE=2.0 in
> /etc/make.conf
> Apparently there are smarter ways to build mod_fastcgi for apache 2.0.
> Mark D. Foster wrote:
>> I'm running into a circular dependency building perl-5.8.9_2 <->
>> apache-2.0.63
>> Is it just me?
>> Why would perl depend on apxs?
In general,

* WITH(OUT)?_* are user variables aka /etc/make.conf
* USE_*        are port Makefile only variables for maintainers
* WANT_*       is a little nebulous atm

Also, see ports/Mk/KNOBS for a almost full list of WITH/WITHOUT

to do what you want,

APACHE_PORT=www/apache20 in /etc/make.conf will do it.

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