HEADS UP: Berkeley DB versions in upcoming mail/bogofilter* 1.2.0 on FreeBSD

Matthias Andree matthias.andree at gmx.de
Thu May 7 01:03:01 UTC 2009

Am 29.03.2009, 00:17 Uhr, schrieb David Relson <relson at osagesoftware.com>:

> Bogofilter v1.2.0 has been promoted from "current" to "stable" status.
> This release adds 3 new options to force bogofilter to use a specified
> number of tokens when scoring a message.  The options are:
>      --token-count=n
>      --token-count-min=n
>      --token-count-max=n
> When one or more of these options is specified, bogofilter tries to
> use the specified number of tokens when computing a message's score.
> Under certain circumstances when multiple tokens have identical
> scores, bogofilter will compute a score using more tokens than
> specified.


I finally got around to updating the FreeBSD ports and submitted the  
update, which will hopefully show up in the not too distant future.

On the good side, we allow any Berkeley DB version >= 4.1 (currently up to  
4.7), and we support parallel builds now - which makes port builds faster  
on multicore/multiprocessor computers.

If you are installing/updating the bogofilter-sqlite or bogofilter-tc  
ports, the remainder of this message is not of interest to you.

HEADS UP bogofilter-qdbm users: This port is deprecated and marked for  
removal end June 2009, since the upstream QDBM library is no longer  
supported and TokyoCabinet is the successor. It is recommended that you  
dump your word lists, deinstall bogofilter-qdbm, install bogofilter-tc,  
and load your word lists again. The other three ports, bogofilter,  
bogofilter-sqlite and bogofilter-tc continue to be supported.

HEADS UP for first-time bogofilter (Berkeley DB-based) installs:

Consider setting BOGOFILTER_WITH_BDB_VER=nn (nn is a number from 41 to 47,  
meaning 4.1 to 4.7) in /etc/make.conf to a suitable Berkeley DB version,  
before building and installing bogofilter, so that you need not manually  
intervene on future updates. "suitable" means: 41 or newer, preferably 45  
or newer - and it's reasonable to pick a version that is already installed  
as another port's dependency, for faster install and smaller disk space  

HEADS UP for bogofilter (Berkeley DB-based) updates:

The new 1.2.0 port sets USE_BDB=41+ (meaning 4.1 or newer) rather than  
hardcode version 4.3, and will leave the actual choice to the ports build  
system. You can override this for all ports with WITH_BDB_VER, and for  
bogofilter with BOGOFILTER_WITH_BDB_VER as shown in (2) below. If you do  
not override the automatic version, this can cause the Berkeley DB version  
to change, and consequentially damage your database.


(1) unless you are absolutely sure that the build picked Berkeley DB 4.3  
(you can check with make -C /usr/ports/mail/bogofilter -V BDB_VER), dump  
all your word lists before the update, and reload them after the update.   
The update procedures are detailed in README.db and *must* be followed if  
you value your data (it doesn't matter if you read the 1.1.7 or the 1.2.0  
README.db file - instructions haven't changed).

OR (you need not do both)

(2) create a line BOGOFILTER_WITH_BDB_VER=43 in /etc/make.conf and build  
the port from source. DO NOT USE THE PACKAGE: Do not use portupgrade -P or  
portupgrade -PP for updating.

In the hopes to have saved a few poor wordlist.db databases :-)

Happy bogofiltering

Matthias Andree

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