freebsd-ports Digest, Vol 311, Issue 3

Mikhail T. mi+thun at
Wed May 6 14:53:59 UTC 2009

> 1) Is it working at all? I always receive SIGBUS on 7x.
> 2) Is our valgrind from or
> 3) lists 3.4.1 as latest release, but there is 3.52 in
> ports, how is it possible?
> I am teaching people C, C++ and UNIX API using FreeBSD at university.
> There is a need for memory-checking tool.

It is, for most intents and purposes, not working on FreeBSD. And it
never worked on anything by i386 anyway.

According to the author(s), porting it from Linux to anything else would
take a substantial "research-grade" effort. (I think, such effort ought
to be sponsored similar to how java-porting was -- valgrind is a MAJOR
feature for many.)

> Does anybody know any alternatives for FreeBSD 7?
Modern gcc-4.x has memory-checking features, which -- in a manner
remotely similar to Purify -- build various checks into the binary. Look
through gcc's man-page for the "mudflap" keyword.

That said, nothing beats Purify in my opinion, but that's not on FreeBSD
either and costs thousands of dollars :-(



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