[RFC] New category proposal, i18n

Chris Rees utisoft at googlemail.com
Wed Jun 24 14:14:16 UTC 2009

2009/6/24 Thomas Abthorpe <tabthorpe at freebsd.org>:
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> On June 23, 2009 05:35:16 pm Tim Bishop wrote:
>> > If i18n is too cryptic or too alphanumeric, and internationalization is
>> > too long, why not go with "nls"?
>> How about internationalisation? ;-)
>> Tim.
> As a Canadian who prefers en_GB, I fought every urge to propose that one.
> Since FreeBSD has en_US as its base language, I felt compelled to use zed in
> of ess :>

I'm constantly involved in a fight between my 'evil' and 'good' side;
I can't stand the usual US spellings as a Brit, but I always end up
admitting to myself that US spellings generally:

   make more sense;


   are essentially an improvement on a language that's horrible to
understand and learn properly anyway.

Though I still reserve the right to hate the inconsistent use of 'z'
(why internationalize but surmise; realize but enterprise, etc etc)!


You'll never hear this from me again, I promise.


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