pthreads => no Bacula encryption on FreeBSD Release 7

Johan van Selst johans at
Mon Jun 22 09:08:05 UTC 2009

Dan Langille wrote:
> "This is to warn you that Bacula will probably not be able to be  
> compiled and run with encryption on Release 7 of FreeBSD.  This is  
> because the version of pthreads in that release has pthread_t defined as  
> a structure, which is incompatible with OpenSSL."

The proper solution here would probably be for bacula to use the newer
CRYPTO_THREADID features of OpenSSL, which do not have this restriction.
The API is described at
Unfortunately these are only available with a recent OpenSSL source -
and not with the version that is included in the FreeBSD 7 base system.

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