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Restaurant Waiter Call System for Table - Function Overview
Waiter Call System for Table - Function Overview was designed to help restaurants manage incoming customers efficiently and distinctively. Customers receive instant notification when their table is ready, making them feel special and welcome. Freed from long lines, your restaurant looks more inviting to people walking in, Customers are encouraged to wait without fears of missing their table, resulting in higher traffic, while overall restaurant traffic flows more smoothly, leading to faster table turns. 

Waiter Call System for Table - Function Overview 

If you are opening this kind of business, there are many customers, sometimes, you will need service like ordering food or drinks. However, you don't want to hire many waiters to serve them. Your needs is very simple. You just want to be informed once your customer need service. Usually, your customer might need at the same time, then you will need remember their table numbers and go to serve them one by one.

Waiter Call System for Table is very suitable for your business. This system is very easy to operate and will not cost much money. Waiter Call System for Table can hold up to 250 waiter call buttons. It also has memory chipset. When there are several customers calling services together, Waiter Call System for Table will store their numbers into memory and display them one by one. It can store up to 15 calling numbers in the memory. You can use the controller to check the calling number in the memory. This system is modulated by frequency. The signal can be received over several floors or partitions. It can be transferred in 300M in the open area. It also can cycle display the calling numbers in the memory. You do not need to check them manually. For the served calling numbers, it can be deleted with the controller. Waiter Call System for Table is a wireless system which can be set up easily. 


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