pkg_libchk: a missing library is not detected

Boris Samorodov bsam at
Wed Jun 17 09:42:19 UTC 2009

Dominic Fandrey <kamikaze at> writes:

>> Luck. The app linking to the old library will have a dependency on the old 
>> version. pkg_add will find the origin, issue a warning about "app-1.0 needing 
>> lib-0.1 but lib-0.2 is installed" and proceed. app will not start, because of 
>> the missing library.
> I've never had this case. I've got the impression that pointyhead rebuilds all
> dependencies.

Let me remind you the case with my original question:
1. Graphics/eog was broken (as you said) by indirect dependency.
2. Pkg_libchk didn't catch the case.

Did it happen by design?


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