Ports with duplicate LATEST_LINKS

Erwin Lansing erwin at FreeBSD.org
Fri Jun 5 14:39:49 UTC 2009

Dear port maintainers,

The following list includes ports maintained by you that have duplicate
LATEST_LINK values.  They should either be modified to use a unique
LATEST_LINK or suppressed using NO_LATEST_LINK, to avoid overwriting
each other in the packages/Latest directory.  If your ports conflict with
ports maintained by another person, please coordinate your efforts with

Erwin "Annoying Reminder Guy III" Lansing
LATEST_LINK          PORTNAME                       MAINTAINER          
emulators/linux_base-f7 bsam at FreeBSD.org                                   
emulators/linux_base-f8 bsam at FreeBSD.org                                   
emulators/linux_base-fc6 bsam at FreeBSD.org                                   
emulators/linux_base-f10 emulation at FreeBSD.org                              
emulators/linux_base-f9 emulation at FreeBSD.org                              
cvsup-without-gui    net/cvsup                      bzeeb+freebsdports at zabbadoz.net
cvsup-without-gui    net/cvsup-without-gui          bzeeb+freebsdports at zabbadoz.net
dcd                  net-p2p/dcd                    az at freebsd.org      
dcd                  audio/dcd                      gahr at FreeBSD.org    
deco                 archivers/deco                 kevlo at FreeBSD.org   
deco                 misc/deco                      ru at FreeBSD.org      
freeciv-nox11        games/freeciv                  miwi at FreeBSD.org    
freeciv-nox11        games/freeciv-nox11            miwi at FreeBSD.org    
ghostscript7-nox11   print/ghostscript7             doceng at FreeBSD.org  
ghostscript7-nox11   print/ghostscript7-nox11       doceng at FreeBSD.org  
ghostscript8-nox11   print/ghostscript8             doceng at FreeBSD.org  
ghostscript8-nox11   print/ghostscript8-nox11       doceng at FreeBSD.org  
mod_jk-ap2           www/mod_jk                     girgen at FreeBSD.org  
mod_jk-ap2           www/mod_jk-apache2             girgen at FreeBSD.org  
mpc                  audio/mpc                      ports at mark.reidel.info
mpc                  math/mpc                       wenheping at gmail.com 
ocaml-notk           lang/ocaml-nox11               ports at FreeBSD.org   
ocaml-notk           lang/ocaml                     stas at FreeBSD.org    
p5-FuzzyOcr          mail/p5-FuzzyOcr-devel         ismail.yenigul at endersys.com.tr
p5-FuzzyOcr          mail/p5-FuzzyOcr               ports at FreeBSD.org   
ploticus-nox11       math/ploticus                  linimon at FreeBSD.org 
ploticus-nox11       math/ploticus-nox11            ports at FreeBSD.org   
py25-wxPython        x11-toolkits/py-wxPython26     neal at nelson.name    
py25-wxPython        x11-toolkits/py-wxPython28     neal at nelson.name    
py25-wxPython-common x11-toolkits/py-wxPython26-common neal at nelson.name    
py25-wxPython-common x11-toolkits/py-wxPython28-common neal at nelson.name    
py25-wxPython-unicode x11-toolkits/py-wxPython26-unicode neal at nelson.name    
py25-wxPython-unicode x11-toolkits/py-wxPython28-unicode neal at nelson.name    
ssh2-nox11           security/ssh2                  marius at FreeBSD.org  
ssh2-nox11           security/ssh2-nox11            marius at FreeBSD.org  

Total: 35 ports

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