net/p5-Net-Twitter broken

Cezary Morga cm at
Fri Jul 31 13:04:09 UTC 2009

andrew clarke pisze:
> I'll attempt a PR, but I'm not at all competent enough in Perl to be
> confident in providing a patch.

I was not refering to patching Perl code, rather that supplying new port 
and a little modification to net/p5-Net-Twitter/Makefile in a patch 
format (diff).

I filled a PR ports/137305.

> I have to wonder - why have these recent versions of this port been
> committed but not tested?
> If it was tested, presumably it would be flagged as "BROKEN".

No. The port builds properly, it's just missing some functionality 
because of missing dependency. This is something automatic checks 
couldn't catch, and this is what a port maintainer should notice. But, 
things like this do happen.

> But isn't the rationale of the Ports tree to have buildable, working
> software?

Yes, that's why when you have noticed and verified that the problem 
exists you should fill in a PR. Even though you can't supply a patch to 
fix it you would let the maintainer know.

Cezary Morga

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