devel/m4 broken?

R.Mahmatkhanov cvs-src at
Fri Jul 31 05:28:01 UTC 2009

Anonymous пишет:
> cvs-src at writes:
>> Hi there!
>> devel/m4 is broken for me for a long time. i use 7.2-STABLE, all ports
> RELENG_7 (and RELENG_7_2) is a moving target. You're missing either date
> of the build or exact revision number.

RELENG_7 from July 28. kern.osreldate: 702104

>> checking for posix_spawn... no
> Can you show config.log?

Sure. Attached.

> And try to add ac_cv_func_posix_spawn=yes to CONFIGURE_ENV in the port
> Makefile to force using posix_spawn from /usr/include/spawn.h

It fixed this. Thank you much!

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