this time it's vim/distfiles

Doug Barton dougb at
Wed Jul 29 19:07:15 UTC 2009

Scott Bennett wrote:
>      When portmaster tries to rebuild vim-lite, it tries to verify the
> checksums of 239 (?) patches. 

To be a little more accurate, the ports infrastructure is doing the
verification. Portmaster just calls 'make checksum'.

>      I looked in distfiles and found that the line in question apparently
> had an extraneous character that displays in less and vi as a percent sign.
> DISTFILE:vim/7.2.040:SIZE=1836:SHA256=ad320d45c2541a767b351fdb8720c349c468acec8cf54dcfced0a6d1e58e5d8e:MD5=4c493255ae227498016f30a0002ec1cc
> DISTFILE:vim/7.2.041%:SIZE=22405:SHA256=2f48e173df3d306edd982f8a3d5a15c65ba19694ca32bdbdaa51f8bcc48a3d06:MD5=107ba5dccb1df727601aead37abf8cd3
> DISTFILE:vim/7.2.042:SIZE=4987:SHA256=d5fa884a7c5ee77b60fe512ceccaac640c0dfc00bd435211f4e4597ae3bee2cd:MD5=99baedef8a9c908774b7ed74deacf184

The information stored in /var/db/ports/*/distfiles is only used to
make sure all of the distfiles associated with a port are deleted if
the user chooses that option. The checksum information is stored, but
is not used at this time. See also




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