"ghost" ports CFLAGS

Eric Damien jafa82 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 28 12:46:53 UTC 2009

Good morning.

I edited my /etc/make.conf in order to change the default compiler via 
the CC and CXX variables. I also happened to edit the CFLAGS value, all 
of this changes enclosed within a conditional check on the directory, of 
the form:
.if ${CURDIR:M*/ports*}
CFLAGS= -mtune=amdfam10 -msse4e
I made a general config using postmaster.
After some trouble with some ports, I decided to get rid of those 
modifications and commented the above form.
But, I was surprised to see that some ports still present this value of 
CFLAGS at building time.
How can I correct this mistake.



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