CFT: databases/mysql51-server+sphinxse

Matthew Seaman m.seaman at
Sun Jul 26 19:45:59 UTC 2009

Dear all,

As maintainer of the textproc/sphinxsearch port I occasionally get requests
from users about enabling the SphinxSE engine in MySQL on FreeBSD.  Up to now,
I've been publishing some ad hoc patches to the mysqlNN-server ports through
by web site:

I've now created a slave port: databases/mysql51-server+sphinxse which achieves
much the same effect as the patches:

I'll submit this as a new port fairly soon, but I'd appreciate any constructive
critique of what I'm trying to do, and if anyone interested could do some testing.
I already know there are a few problems, for instance I can't change the MAINTAINER
or CONFLICTS settings without some small modifications to the master port.

I'd do much the same thing for mysql50-server as well, but I'm still trying to
debug getting SphinxSE support working at all with that version.



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