net/p5-Net-Twitter broken

andrew clarke mail at
Tue Jul 14 00:25:01 UTC 2009

> > >I've been trying to get Twirssi ( running
> > >under Irssi but am encountering an error relating to Net::Twitter.  My
> > >Perl knowledge is very limited, so I'm not too sure what's going on.
> > >The same error (below) occurs when I try to use this module from my
> > >own program.  I suspect the problem is within p5-Moose but I don't
> > >know how to confirm this.

Some further progress.  I bumped the version number of the following
ports by hand-editing their corresponding Makefiles, and deleting
the distinfo files.  Now both Net::Twitter and Twirssi are working again.

p5-Class-MOP-0.88                   >   succeeds index (index has 0.86)
p5-Moose-0.84                       >   succeeds index (index has 0.81)

So I guess these need to be committed to the ports tree at some point. :)

Presumably portsnap will overwrite my Makefile changes when there are
newer files available.


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