Ardour amd64 port

mc marshc187 at
Wed Jul 8 12:51:42 UTC 2009

hi, i hope i can make this quick post, because i am not sure where to 
direct this.appropriately. (mailing list, maintainer??)

in short, i am still getting to grips with freebsd (i.e. not that i know 
anything) and plan on using media apps mostly. recently i installed the 
new 8-BETA1 amd64 (was using 7.2R i386) and found audio/ardour to 
bemarked BROKEN on amd64 arch - Does not Compile.

anyway, i commented out the Broken in the Makefile to see at least where 
it stops, but it complied all the way, installed and ran ok (apart from 
some gtk-wariings).

if other ppl who may use this also manage to compile, could it get 
unbroken? i'm concerned with overall stability in the long run, but not 
my expertise as yet.

also, this is vers2.7, and have downloaded newer2,8 sources - should 
that be through maintainer?


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