Unhappy Xorg upgrade

Bruce M. Simpson bms at FreeBSD.org
Thu Jan 29 04:25:59 PST 2009

Alex Goncharov wrote:
> I hate to say this, but the new X (as exists in the current FreeBSD
> ports) sucks and gets in the way of work big time.

There are definitely issues with xorg-7.4 at the moment.

    The root issue seems to be that USB mice simply don't work for me, 
and running Xorg appears to destabilise the 7-STABLE USB stack in some 
way which I just don't understand. The condition isn't recoverable 
without a reboot. I am the only person who's reported these symptoms in 
any great detail yet.

    I spent a lot of time yesterday debugging with rnoland@ the USB 
problem I've been having. He sent me a patch, however, it doesn't solve 
the problem.

    My understanding is that a lot has changed in this Xorg release to 
do with input drivers, specifically mouse -- and that platform specific 
code got shuffled off out of the server itself, and into the drivers.  
Good from an academic software engineering point of view, but if this is 
the cause, not good from a regression point of view.

    Whilst bisecting all the conditions, and tracing it back to this 
upgrade is easy to do, I can't readily identify the causal relationship 
-- I don't know what's going on which has broken Xorg for me in this 
way, and haven't seen anything like this before.

    Since upgrading, I've seen stability problems with hald enabled. I 
have had to turn off hald mode on both my laptop and desktop 7-STABLE 
machines, as it can totally hang the machine, no DDB break, etc.

    Scanning SVN, nothing appears to have changed in the 7-STABLE train 
in terms of USB, moused,  the ums driver, or anything else.  A ktrace of 
the moused process bound to ums0 goes dead (no I/O, no syscalls) after X 
is started.

    One theory is that somehow the mouse driver ioctls which are passed 
to ums, are somehow hosing USB, although why that would be, I don't 
understand. ums currently doesn't have driver instrumentation in that path.

    I pulled a fairly detailed IRC log of my collaborative debugging 
session with Robert, please ping me if you need details of this.


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