FreeBSD Port: xfe-1.19.2_1

Doug Barton dougb at
Wed Jan 21 23:47:10 PST 2009

Leslie Jensen wrote:
> Hello
> When I try to start xfe it produces the error message below.
> les at blj01~:xfe
> /libexec/ Shared object "" not found, required
> by ""
> I've tried to fix it by doing
> portmaster -r xfe-1.19.2_1 and

The -r for xfe isn't going to do anything since xfe is a leaf port (it
is not depended on).

> portmaster -r libtasn1-1.8

Did this actually rebuild cups-base at any point? I suspect not since
the dependency seems to be indirect (i.e., I can't find a connection
between the two in any of the ports infrastructure dependencies).

Try just 'portmaster cups-base' and see if that works. You should not
have to rebuild xfe since it will still be linking to

You might want to look at the -w option for portmaster as well. While
it would "fix" this particular problem, it also delays the inevitable
and can lead to its own set of "unpredictable results."

hope this helps,



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