Dependent ports get "does not exist" errors

Warren Block wblock at
Mon Jan 12 11:56:57 PST 2009

A user desktop system had a solid, reliable install of 6.3 on it.  Did 
an upgrade via source to 7-stable as of this morning.

Deleted all installed ports, updated the ports tree, then started 
installing them from scratch.

Here's the problem: ports that depend on other ports will occasionally 
install those ports and then not find them.  For example, installing 

cd /usr/ports/graphics/gimp
make install
===>   Compressing manual pages for bash-3.2.48_1
===>   Registering installation for bash-3.2.48_1
===>   Returning to build of rarian-0.8.1
Error: file "bash" does not exist
*** Error code 1

Stop in /usr/ports/textproc/rarian
Stop in /usr/ports/graphics/gimp

Doing just "make install" again will find bash and continue.

Nothing has been changed (knowingly, anway) from default in the ports 
system.  make.conf only has perl version settings.  This is an MSI 
Athlon motherboard, 256M RAM, totally solid previously.  Seems solid 
now, except for this...

-Warren Block * Rapid City, South Dakota USA

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