mail/dovecot 1.2.4 breaks gssapi authentication

John Marshall john.marshall at
Sat Aug 29 08:10:39 UTC 2009

Yesterday I upgraded a Dovecot installation from 1.1.16 to 1.2.4 and
spent a few hours trying to figure out why GSSAPI authentication was
failing.  It turned out to be due to some extra username checking
introduced to Dovecot just prior to the 1.2.4 release.

If I set 'auth_debug = yes' in dovecot.conf, I would see messages logged
reporting 'authz_name has NULs' and then a FAIL message sent to the

The Dovecot folks have provided a patch which I have included and
written up in a PR for the mail/dovecot port:

John Marshall
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