Multiple instances of Mailman on FreeBSD

Bill Moran wmoran at
Wed Aug 12 19:59:24 UTC 2009

In response to Jeffrey Goldberg <jeffrey at>:

> I'm posting this to both the mailman-users list and the freebsd-ports  
> list.  I realize that not all follow-up will make it to both lists.
> I would like to set up multiple instances of Mailman on a FreeBSD 7- 
> STABLE system with using Postfix.  Looking at the ports Makefile, it  
> appears that if I set MM_DIR=mailman/vhosts/domain-for-this-instance  
> everything should work file (plus add FORCE_PACKAGE_REGISTER allow  
> this second instance to be installed.)

Were it me, I'd add jails to the system.  Then you can install a
separate copy of mailman in each jail.  This will keep them happily
independent of each other.

That's obviously not the only way to get what you want, just my

Bill Moran

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