FreeBSD Port: openbgpd-4.5.20090709

Lasta Yani lasta at
Wed Aug 5 21:53:15 UTC 2009

Hello Hiroki,

I'm sorry if I send directly this email to you.
When I try to upgrade my machine to openbgpd-4.5.20090709, something weird had happened.

This is my configuration,

neighbor $nap1                  {
        remote-as               45147
        descr                   ke-NAP1
        announce                all
        set prepend-self        2

neighbor $nap2                  {
        remote-as               45147
        descr                   ke-NAP2
        announce                all
        set prepend-self        2

deny from any
allow from $nap1 inet prefixlen 8 - 24


# bgpctl s ip b sum
Neighbor                   AS    MsgRcvd    MsgSent  OutQ Up/Down  State/PrfRcvd
ke-NAP2                 45147     790010      26298     0 01w2d03h 287574
ke-NAP1                 45147     789760      26298     0 01w2d03h 287672

I dont change this configuration from OpenBGPD v4.2, and usually with this setting, I'm not receiving any prefixes from $nap2 (ke-NAP2), only receiving from $nap1 (ke-NAP1).
Its weird when I upgraded via port to openbgpd-4.5.20090709, its still receiving prefixes, I can't deny it.

Is there anything wrong with my configuration ?
Thank you.

Lasta Yani

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