misc/e2fsprogs-libuuid build failure

Matthias Andree matthias.andree at gmx.de
Wed Apr 29 13:01:58 UTC 2009

WRT the libuuid self-test failures:

These appear to affect only FreeBSD 6, and retrying the self-test works  
sometimes. I have yet to see failures on FreeBSD 7.

However, I do not want to change the port before this issue is better  
understood. We may have a case of uuidd failing with FreeBSD 6 altogether  
and not just the test, and I don't want to conceal such issues in the  
build process already.

I have forwarded some questions off-list to the upstream e2fsprogs  
maintainer, Theodore Y. Ts'o, and am waiting for his response. The first  
three reporters have been Cc:'d; I have since received further  
testimonials of e2fsprogs-libuuid failures on FreeBSD 6.X.

I may have to set up a virtual machine to run FreeBSD in - what's the  
preferred choice for FreeBSD 6.X guests on Linux hosts? VMware server 1?  
VMware server 2? VirtualBox closed source 2.2? Alternative?
In order not to pollute this high-traffic list further, please send your  
VM opinions off-list; I've set Reply-To.

Please override only if contributing to the solution of the original  
problem. Thanks.

Matthias Andree

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