COPYTREE_SHARE behavior (7.x and earlier vs. 8.x)

Sean C. Farley scf at
Sun Apr 19 18:03:08 UTC 2009

As noted in ports/131535[1] concerning the install of Skype, I noticed 
that COPYTREE_SHARE behaves differently on FreeBSD 7.x and earlier than 
it does on 8.x.

Here is my note on the PR:
I think I see the issue. It is with the cpio call in COPYTREE_SHARE.
GNU cpio 2.6 on FreeBSD 7 creates directories with umask set to 077.
bsdcpio as found in FreeBSD 8 uses the user's umask.

cd /usr/ports/net/skype
cd work/skype_static-

Tests (make sure to delete to destination directory first) on a RELENG_7
/usr/bin/find -d avatars icons sounds lang | 
/usr/FreeBSD/HEAD/src/usr.bin/cpio/bsdcpio -dumpl 
/usr/bin/find -d avatars icons sounds lang | /usr/bin/cpio -dumpl 

I think creating the directory first should solve the problem.

There is probably a better solution than creating the directory first, 
but I just wanted to make sure people saw this.


P.S. I tried to tell beech about this, but E-mail to him is being 
rejected.  Anyone else have any luck?

scf at

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