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Rene Ladan rene at
Sun Apr 5 05:33:01 PDT 2009

Matthew Seaman schreef:
> Jerry wrote:
>> On Sat, 04 Apr 2009 13:46:11 +0100
>> Matthew Seaman <m.seaman at> wrote:
>>> I find it's also a good idea to add a warning about such things to
>>> any pkg_message printed out at install time.
>> Thanks! I was considering the pkg_message idea; however, users of
>> Portupgrade or other port maintenance tools often do not see the
>> messages printed out out the end of the installation. I will be
>> including a message though.
> portmaster saves up all the pkg_messages and displays them at the end
> of the update session.  I believe moves are afoot to add similar behaviour
> to some other ports management tools.
> Also:
>   pkg_info -Dx portname
> is a command that should be more widely known and used.
>> Maybe they should add an addendum to the Porter's Handbook
>> describing that.
> If you send an e-mail to freebsd-doc at ... or send-pr with some suggested 
> text,
> it or something similar is fairly likely to be incorporated.  Even 
> better if
> you send a patch against the Docbook sources, but on the whole just having
> some suggested text to work with is acceptable.  Although right now is 

Both plain text and SGML are fine, altough the latter is easier to incorporate.
Don't forget to mention the section where to place it.

> maybe
> not the best time as I think the docs slush preparatory to 7.2-RELEASE is
> imminent, if not already here...
The slush will start at April 10.  This does not mean that every commit has
to be approved, unlike commits to ports when the ports tree is frozen.  It is
meant as a slowdown (no big patches or patches that move a lot of text around)
to allow translators to catch up and for the doceng/re team to start building
the documentation for the CD/DVD images.


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