net/samba3 not installing VFS modules

Erik Van Benschoten evanben at
Thu Sep 25 17:26:12 UTC 2008


  I have been looking into setting up a network recycle bin under  
v3.0.32 of Samba. The default configuration does not install/package  
any of the VFS modules from the looks of it. The man pages are there  
for them, but not the actual binaries. After looking at the Makefile I  
tried to add the following to /etc/make.conf:

WANT_EXP_MODULES+=	vfs_recycle

That failed to install the recycle VFS module, so I tried:

WANT_EXP_MODULES=	vfs_recycle

Still no luck. The VFS modules are getting compiled, but are  
apparently not getting added to the packing list. Anyone have any  
suggestions? Is anyone else having this problem?

Erik Van Benschoten

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