OPTIONS handling doesn't seem to work fully in dependencies anymore

John Baldwin jhb at freebsd.org
Wed Sep 17 17:43:50 UTC 2008

On Wednesday 17 September 2008 02:41:07 am Alex Dupre wrote:
> Doug Barton wrote:
> > John was referring to the problem of 'make config' not being called for
> > ports being installed as dependencies of a port that has OPTIONS.
> John said (correct me if I'm wrong) that with an up-to-date system 
> OPTIONS doesn't correctly shows up (when the top port has OPTIONS), but 
> with an "old" system this worked. Reading the bsd.port.mk, the 
> "incriminated" CONFIG_DONE rows never changed since the introduction of 
> the OPTIONS support, so I think this *never* worked as expected.

It used to work.  I was just guessing about how it might not be working now 
based on reading the existing logic.  I have not delved into the history to 
see what has changed.

John Baldwin

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