Making ports from source with weird download restrictions

Steve Franks stevefranks at
Mon Sep 8 17:03:24 UTC 2008


There are two embedded software tools
I've been wanting to port for some time.  Both have inconsistent/funky
downloads, so I have no idea how to get them into a port.  Both are
very active projects, and used by pretty much all embedded ARM7/9
developers (embedded as in microwaves & thermostats not PDA's &

1) lpc21isp - - the
source for this project is only located in the "files" section of this
yahoo group, and I'm pretty sure you need a yahoo password to get it.
Also it's guarded by a bunch of antisocial types, if you know what I
mean.  I got flamed for suggesting a feature that would increase
flexibility.  I suspect the only choice here is to make sure the
license is open, and branch it to a new sourceforge project, correct?
Otherwise, there's really no way for someone to get the source in an
automated fashion.

2) openocd -
- this is a bit more sensible - there's a stable SVN repository for
it, it's just that the only ports I've seen are on sourceforge, and
come from release .tgz archives, not a SVN archive (although I've
never gotten a broken version from the openocd SVN).  If someone
pointed me at a port that built from SVN instead of a .tgz, I'm sure I
could get the port done.


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