ImageMagick-6.4.1-3_1 selftest fails

Kitche kitche at
Sat May 24 19:54:04 UTC 2008

> Kitche wrote:
>>> David Wolfskill wrote:
>>> My experience was that ImageMagick did build, but it also put up a
>>> little window with a message on it.  So my feeling is that the OP is
>>> correct, and that at least on some versions of FreeBSD (in my case 7.0)
>>> that access to an X11 environment is required for the port to install.
>> ImageMagick port does not require X to build for the user that is
>> building
>> it. Sounds like either your ports is corrupted or something deeper on
>> your
>> system is causing this issue.
> As you can see from my original log, X is used.
> X is not required, since it is not used, if I build with 'su -' instead
> of 'su' (and thus have a clear environment without DISPLAY being set).
> If the build tries to use X and is denied, the test fails.
> The port is not corrupted... just have a look at these two tests:
> /usr/ports/graphics/ImageMagick/work/ImageMagick-6.4.1/PerlMagick/t/x11/read.t
> /usr/ports/graphics/ImageMagick/work/ImageMagick-6.4.1/PerlMagick/t/x11/write.t
> Jan Henrik
Hmm I seem to lost my files I must have did a make clean in the
imagemagick port since I do have it installed. Well did,  my ImageMagick
just compiled fine though the tests in a TTY. Which is where I do most of
my compiling anyways instead of inside a terminal in X.
I m on 7.0 if that matters as well but I did see the test for X11 go by on
my screen. maybe that is your issue maybe.

the whole Su and su - is not related to this it seems considering I can su
to my root account and it works.

I'll try compiling ImageMagick on X to see if an error occurs.

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