Trying for a duplex printer; hplip usb problem

Anish Mistry amistry at
Fri May 23 22:09:27 UTC 2008

On Friday 23 May 2008, Juergen Lock wrote:
> In article <48208A9C.8070305 at> you write:
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> >I have been scouring all the data I can, to find printers that do
> > duplex printing (that means doublesided printing).  I found 3
> > models, but two of them (the HP C7280 and the Canon PIXMA MX850)
> > have no public drivers I can find. [...]
> Well, the HP C7280 seems to be supported by hplip:
>  hplip is in ports,
> and an older version (1.7.4a) works fine here with an HP Officejet
> 7310 connected via usb, the newer ones (those that no longer have
> the hpiod daemon) tho log things like
> 	May 23 01:22:49 saturn
> Officejet_7300_series?serial=MY62DQ70PB04HR: io/hpmud/musb.c 1057:
> unable to open hp:/usb/Officejet_7300_series?serial=MY62DQ70PB04HR
> May 23 01:22:50 saturn Officejet_7300_series?serial=MY62DQ70PB04HR:
> prnt/backend/hp.c 636: INFO: open device failed; will retry in 30
> seconds...
> in syslog and print nothing.  But since the hplip page for the
> C7280 talks about network you probably can still use it that way,
> as this certainly looks like an usb problem.
>  To the hplip maintainer: I have taken out ulpt out of the kernel
> and then configured the printer via hp-setup as root since I want
> to be able to scan too (which incidentally still worked also with
> the new version), so maybe things are different when only printing
> via ulpt... (like you do when you configure the printer directly
> via cups.)  Googling the error message I finds quite a few hits for
> various linux distros so apparently this is a common problem and
> maybe we just have to wait for an upstream fix.
>  If anyone has the same problem (and your printer is already
> supported by 1.7.4a like mine), you can use anoncvs or
> portdowngrade to checkout the old version of the hplip port, you
> only need to patch the netsnmp.10 dependency in the port Makefile
> to read netsnmp.16 if the rest of your ports are current.
This sounds like a configuration problem.  Please re-read the 
pkg-message and send me the requested information.


Anish Mistry
amistry at
AM Productions
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