ports with bad plist when NO{DOCS,EXAMPLES,PORTDATA} defined

Ion-Mihai Tetcu itetcu at FreeBSD.org
Mon May 19 19:01:10 UTC 2008


If this problem is already fixed, please ignore this email.

Out ports infrastructure provides a set of variables to control the
installation of various types of documentation: NO_INSTALL_MANPAGES,
NOPORTDOCS, NOPORTEXAMPLES, NOPORTDATA. A description for each of them
can be found in ports/Mk/bsd.port.mk. They can be used to build
stripped-down packages from our ports, a useful feature for systems
where disk space is a premium (like embedded systems, etc.)

In theory, for any port built with a NO* var defined the corresponding
dirs and files shouldn't be installed. In practice we don't stress
this, but at minimum we require is that the plist is correct - and this
is what I tested. 
I will continue with the other categories, then I'll start testing for
NO_INSTALL_MANPAGES. I'm also setting up an semi-automated system to
test the ports as near to commit time as my available hardware permits.

I have just finished a test build of devel/* ports and their
dependencies on my amd64 tinderbox with:
 > m /usr/local/tinderbox/portstrees/FreeBSD/portstree.env
export FORCE_PACKAGE=yes
export NOPORTDOCS=yes
export NOPORTDATA=yes

The relevant version details:
System  	FreeBSD 7 (RELENG_7)  	2008-05-09 23:13:31
Ports Tree 	FreeBSD ports tree 	2008-05-10 00:22:00

The build was done via:
        ./tc addPort -b ${_build} -r -d ${PORT} -o
        ./tinderbuild -noduds  -nullfs -plistcheck -b ${_build} ${PORT}

The following ports fail with 3 types of errors:
- they install docs, examples or data files or dirs when they shouldn't
because of above vars being defined and they don't list them in the
- they don't install some docs, examples or data files or dirs but they
list them in the plist.
- they confuse the meaning of one of the above NO* variables with an

A common mistake seems to be the patting of portlint(1) by adding
%%PORTDOCS%% without checking if those files are installed or not.
Please try to make your port obey the NO* vars, not "fix" it by
installing those files unconditionally.

The build logs can be found at:
If you commit a fix please let me know; if you submit a PR to fix your
port please CC me on it and I'll commit it; also please let as know if
you intend to work on the unmaintained ports so that we don't duplicate
our efforts.

This is the list of ports that fail and their maintianers:
devel/vstr - ports at FreeBSD.org
devel/tigcc - jaj at hcl-club.lu
devel/templ - ports at FreeBSD.org
devel/tclcheck - ports at FreeBSD.org
devel/styx - ports at FreeBSD.org
devel/avr-libc - joerg at freebsd.org
devel/silc-toolkit - ports at FreeBSD.org
devel/py-spark - ports at FreeBSD.org
devel/ruby-rbprof - sean at chittenden.org
graphics/ruby-cairo - mezz at FreeBSD.org
graphics/cairomm - gnome at FreeBSD.org
graphics/linux-png - freebsd-emulation at FreeBSD.org
devel/quilt - doj at cubic.org
devel/py-cxx - lwhsu at FreeBSD.org
devel/py-turbojson - nivit at FreeBSD.org
devel/py-pycallgraph - lwhsu at FreeBSD.org
devel/ice - shoesoft at gmx.net
devel/py-grouch - ports at FreeBSD.org
www/apache20 - clement at FreeBSD.org
devel/ppl - ports at FreeBSD.org
dns/libidn - krion at FreeBSD.org
devel/picasm - ports at FreeBSD.org
devel/pcre++ - ports at FreeBSD.org
x11-toolkits/xmhtml - ports at FreeBSD.org
security/gnupg1 - kuriyama at FreeBSD.org
devel/p5-Class-MOP - lbr at FreeBSD.org
devel/cdk - MrL0Lz at gmail.com
devel/ocaml-sem - argentoff at gmail.com
devel/ipython - dryice at FreeBSD.org
devel/ncurses - rafan at FreeBSD.org
devel/ncc - vs at FreeBSD.org
devel/naturaldocs - laszlof at FreeBSD.org
devel/monotone - lapo at lapo.it
devel/mercurial - roberto at FreeBSD.org
devel/makeplus - sergei at FreeBSD.org
devel/m17n-docs - ports at FreeBSD.org
devel/libslang2 - garga at FreeBSD.org
textproc/xerces-c2 - kenm at icarz.com
devel/libdict - ports at FreeBSD.org
devel/libcheck - mikeh at FreeBSD.org
lang/ghc - haskell at FreeBSD.org
devel/glibmm-reference - gnome at FreeBSD.org
devel/gengetopt - laszlof at FreeBSD.org
lang/gauche -  erik at smluc.org
devel/fpp - ports at FreeBSD.org
devel/flatzebra - edwin at mavetju.org
net/skstream - oliver at FreeBSD.org
devel/epm - openoffice at FreeBSD.org
devel/cvsmapfs - rip at pinetec.co.za
devel/cons - rv at gnu.org
devel/cogito - anholt at FreeBSD.org
devel/c4 - araujo at FreeBSD.org

Thanks for your work on making FreeBSD better,

IOnut - Un^d^dregistered ;) FreeBSD "user"
  "Intellectual Property" is   nowhere near as valuable   as "Intellect"
FreeBSD committer -> itetcu at FreeBSD.org, PGP Key ID 057E9F8B493A297B
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