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Andriy Gapon avg at
Thu May 15 12:40:35 UTC 2008

on 14/05/2008 17:57 Vivek Khera said the following:
> On May 14, 2008, at 5:42 AM, Andriy Gapon wrote:
>> Vivek Khera said:
>>> So you can use *any* SIP client with gizmo for voice, and for chat, 
>>> any suitable XMPP (jabber) client.  They even give you instructions
>>> on  what server settings to use to tie into their service.
>>> Personally, I use a gizmo account with a dial-in number and a SIP 
>>> adapter to a regular touch-tone phone, and my family doesn't even
>>> know  they're using a VOIP line.
>>> The Gizmo client itself I find of little use other than to check
>>> call  history and account balance, but that works on the web too,
>>> just not  as nicely.
>> Hmm, I haven't even thought about this possibility.
>> Thank you!
>> BTW, can anyone recommend good software SIP client for FreeBSD?
>> Thanks.
> In ports, I see linphone and twinkle.  I suspect there are more.

I ended up using kphone, actually I started up using it :-)
The only slightly tricky thing is that gizmo requires their client to
get registered. So I fetched Fedora 7 rpms for GConf2 and ORBit and
installed them using linux-glib port as a model (without going into
trouble of doing it properly). After that I could register with gizmo
linux client successfully.
Unfortunately the client didn't work past that, it exited with some
obscure error like "Can not start UA0". But I didn't care, I used kphone
from that point on.

Andriy Gapon

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