FreeBSD Port: nut-2.2.1_1

Olivier GARNIER oli.garnier at
Mon May 5 19:08:34 UTC 2008



I've found your email on:

Since I installed FreeBSD 7.0 and the new nut port I've got an error and
don't know how to resolve it:

May  4 00:24:41 myhost upsmon[1007]: Poll UPS [ellipse at localhost] failed -
Data stale


I've posted on freebsd-questions at but noone find how to help me.


I've got an MGE Ellipse 750 USBS witch is linked to my computer with usb


This is my nut installed version:

nut-2.2.1_1         Network UPS Tools


There are my conf files :


hosts.conf:MONITOR ellipse at localhost "Ellipse Serveurs"


ups.conf: [ellipse]

ups.conf:       driver = usbhid-ups

ups.conf:       port = auto

ups.conf:       pollinterval = 15


upsd.conf:ACL all

upsd.conf:ACL localhost

upsd.conf:ACCEPT localhost

upsd.conf:REJECT all

upsd.conf:MAXAGE 20


upsmon.conf:MONITOR ellipse at localhost 1 myuser mypassword master

upsmon.conf:MINSUPPLIES 1

upsmon.conf:SHUTDOWNCMD "/sbin/shutdown -h +0"

upsmon.conf:POLLFREQ 5

upsmon.conf:POLLFREQALERT 5

upsmon.conf:HOSTSYNC 15

upsmon.conf:DEADTIME 20

upsmon.conf:POWERDOWNFLAG /etc/killpower

upsmon.conf:RBWARNTIME 43200

upsmon.conf:NOCOMMWARNTIME 300

upsmon.conf:FINALDELAY 5




Can you please help me or tell me where I can find help ?





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