FreeBSD Port: openospfd-4.0_2

NetOne - Doichin Dokov root at
Sun Jun 29 19:04:03 UTC 2008


It seems like the port is not working at all in FreeBSD 6.2. Sniffing 
the network interface, it doesn't send any multicast messages, nor does 
it respond to received ones. And, after working for 5 to 10 mins, it 
dies like that:
# ospfd -dvvv
orig_asext_lsa: age 0
start_spf_timer: IDLE -> DELAY
rde_asext_get: is net LSA
orig_asext_lsa: age 0
orig_asext_lsa: age 0
orig_asext_lsa: age 0
orig_rtr_lsa: area
orig_rtr_lsa: stub net, interface fxp0
if_fsm: event UP resulted in action START and changing state for 
interface fxp0 from DOWN to WAIT
spf_calc: calculation started, area ID
spf_calc: calculation ended, area ID
spf_start_holdtimer: DELAY -> HOLD
spf_timer: state HOLD -> IDLE
orig_asext_lsa: age 3600
start_spf_timer: IDLE -> DELAY
rde_dispatch_imsg: IMSG_LS_MAXAGE, type 5 ls_id
fatal in ospfe: pipe closed
fatal in parent: pipe closed

Am i doing something wrong? The config is really basic one, I can send 
it too.

Would be glad if i could get some help / response.

Kind regards,
Doichin Dokov
NetOne - Silistra, Bulgaria

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